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Why Do You Need a Website for Your Med Spa? Here Are 5 Reasons

If you have a med spa and you have customers coming in, you might be wondering, why do you need a website? Creating a website for a med spa will bring many additional benefits to your business. If you want to learn the reasons, then this guide will provide them for you. Keep reading and […]

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7 Blog Post Ideas for Your Med Spa Website

The key to a successful blog is reader engagement and education. Blog post ideas come and go, but there are certain formats that work better than others. These formats include lists, how-tos, and product reviews. Although these aren't the only possible formats for blogs, they all have one thing in common: they are easy to read and […]

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How Hyperlocal Marketing Can Benefit Your Med Spa

Around 82% of consumers research online before making a purchase. And, 46% of all searches on Google are local. That's a huge number of people searching for local businesses. If they don't find your business, you're missing out on a large number of potential customers. How do you tap into those searches? The answer is hyperlocal marketing […]

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5 Simple but Effective Lead Generation Strategies for Your Med Spa

The Med Spa industry has enjoyed positive growth every year since 2010. When you consider how these procedures are simple, quick, and cost-effective, growth like this isn't really surprising. But despite the industry's tremendous expansion, Med Spa companies still need lead generation strategies. If you are the owner or operator of a Med Spa franchise looking […]

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How to Improve Your Med Spa Lead Conversion Rate

Did you know that 79% of marketing leads don't get converted into sales? Putting some time and just a little money into your leads can dramatically boost the conversion rate and help your Med Spa business. Nurturing your leads after spending money to generate them is the key to getting the results you want from them. Here […]

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7 Medical Spa Marketing Ideas You May Not Know About

Marketing your med spa the old fashioned way just won't cut it anymore. Here are 7 medical spa marketing ideas you you should be looking into.

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Traffic Generation: How to Get More Visits to Your Med Spa Website

By 2021, it's expected that eCommerce sales will make up over $4 trillion in global retail commerce. Even if you don't sell online, this trend makes it easy to see why having an online presence is so important. Traffic generation to your Med Spa website is one of the best ways to find new customers in any […]

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Med Spa Marketing Guide: What is an Inbound Marketing Strategy?

What You Need for a Successful Inbound Marketing Strategy First things first, do you know what inbound marketing is and what it can do for your business? The purpose of inbound marketing is to use different strategies to create brand awareness in order to attract new prospects to a website. Inbound marketing doesn't stop there […]

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What Is Local SEO And How Can It Benefit Your Med Spa?

Back in 2005, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that the number of cosmetic-surgery procedures exceeded two million. In that same year, the International Medical Spa Association estimated that there were approximately 1,500 medical spas. By 2017, the number of medical spas grew to 4,200 and is expected to grow at a rate of […]

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7 Reasons Online Medical Marketing is the Future

With over one million doctors in the United States, there's a lot of competition. And while physicians may be in the business of curing people, it's still a business. That means marketing must be part of your business. Up to 80 percent of internet users have searched for a health-related topic online. That's up 63% since 2001. If […]

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