How Hyperlocal Marketing Can Benefit Your Med Spa


Around 82% of consumers research online before making a purchase. And, 46% of all searches on Google are local. That’s a huge number of people searching for local businesses. If they don’t find your business, you’re missing out on a large number of potential customers.

How do you tap into those searches? The answer is hyperlocal marketing

Hyperlocal Marketing 101

What is hyperlocal marketing?

Hyperlocal marketing is the process of targeting potential customers in highly focused geographic areas. Sometimes, the area is only a few blocks or within the vicinity of key locations. Although the audience tends to be more narrow, engaging this audience is meaningful and can lead to big profits. In fact, 78% of local-mobile searches lead to offline purchases. Wouldn’t it be nice to capture some of that traffic?

Hyperlocal marketing involves hyperlocal targeting. This is accomplished through hyperlocal SEO. The goal is to engage consumers who are conducting near me searches, usually on their mobile phones.

Here’s how hyperlocal marketing can benefit your medical spa:

More Local Customers

Hyperlocal marketing will drive customers in your area to your medical spa. If their experience at your spa is good, why would they want to travel further away from you? People crave convenience, so make sure they can find you nearby.

Launching a hyperlocal campaign will drive foot traffic through your door. The trick is to be specific about your geographic area and its landmarks in the keywords. When people search “medical spas near me”, they’ll see your medical spa and want to learn more.

Think of all the popular attractions near your business and see how you can incorporate them into hyperlocal SEO. You’ll need to do some research on the terms, but if there are places of interest near your business, take advantage of them.

Local customers are more likely to generate business through word of mouth. If they leave reviews, people are more likely to trust them. Reviews are hyperlocal SEO gold. If you don’t have a review process in place, you should build one immediately.

That’s not the only benefit to medical spa marketing at the hyperlocal level:

Better Search Engine Ranking

Google prioritizes hyperlocal search results over ones that are further away. Hyperlocal SEO will boost your overall SEO presence.

Your website(s) and information are more likely to crop up when a consumer conducts a local search for medical spas. More importantly, your medical spa is more likely to show up first as a search result. Google prefers to serve users local SEO results in clusters.

Once again: Use local keywords in your search. The more specific a search, the more likely your medical spa will show up.

Increased Brand Recognition

Hyperlocal targeting increases brand recognition. By using hyperlocal marketing, people in your medical spa’s area will recognize your brand. This means people are more likely to remember your medical spa before others.

By appearing in search engine results, consumers familiarize themselves with your website/information. They’re more likely to read about your medical spa and the services offered there. Local SEO is an effective form of advertising.

Plus, this brand recognition among an audience that matters: local consumers. That only adds power to the punch.

Your Medical Spa is Counting On You

Around 50% of consumers who conducted a local search visited a store within the same day. Let hyperlocal marketing give your medical spa the business it deserves.

Nearly 88% of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Every review counts with hyperlocal SEO.

Upgrade your medical spa’s business and learn how professional services can help you retain customers. Your medical spa will thank you for it.

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