What Are Some Advantages of Email Marketing?


Have SEO tactics and social media marketing killed email marketing? No, they haven’t. In fact, email marketing is stronger than ever, with almost half of the companies in the U.S. expecting to increase spending on their e-mail marketing efforts. So, what are the advantages of email marketing as opposed to relying on other forms of advertisements? Ahead, we’ll give you a better idea of why you should start prioritizing email marketing for your business.

Return on Investment

One of the most attractive advantages of email marketing is how cost-effective it is. Even an unsuccessful email marketing campaign won’t result in a loss for your company. Using some of the sophisticated tools on the market, such as AutoPilot HQDripAweber and Mailchimp will help cut time expense. How do they do this? Automation! Email marketing will give you one of the best ROI results you can ask for. You don’t have to spend money on print, pay-per-click, or placement. It costs next to nothing to run an email marketing campaign, which is why so many businesses favor it, even when compared to other digital marketing strategies. With email marketing, you have more room to explore new tactics without worrying about losing money on ad placements.

Targeting Customers

The Radicati Group estimates that the total number of email users will reach 2.9 billion by the year 2019. That’s a massive potential audience, but email marketing allows you to sift through and pick out who you want to receive your ads. List segmentation is the key. You can target your email marketing campaign to specific demographics or locations. You may also decide to send emails based on actions people take via your emails, such as clients or customers who have expressed interest in your product or service. Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways to make sure your messages reach the desired audience.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Every time a potential customer receives one of your emails, they see your name one more times. It doesn’t even matter if they open the email or not. You can improve brand awareness just by the creating a good subject line. If you use the right phrasing, you may even get some people to look at an email they’d otherwise ignore. Either way, you’re getting your name in front of people who may not have been aware of your company. For people who have done business with you, email will help provide top-of-mind awareness. When they are ready to buy, you’ll likely be at the top of their list.

Availability of Analytics

While other digital marketing strategies rely on vague statistics to tell you how you’re doing, email marketing makes it much easier. With each campaign, you can see how many people received your emails, opened them, and clicked on your links. You’ll also be notified of which email address are inaccurate and need to be updated. You can then use this information to improve your strategy, as well as create a better strategy that will take advantage of customer behavior. The analytics of email marketing allow companies to act quickly and make adjustments to campaigns, which is likely to save time/money.

The Many Advantages of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to get your name to potential customers and clients. The advantages of email marketing far outweigh the effort it takes to run a campaign and the use of email marketing/automation tools saves a lot of time. You can get your company in front of customers with the push of a button. If you have any questions about email marketing or digital marketing in general, take a look at our blog or schedule free consultation HERE.

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