8 Healthcare Marketing Ideas You Need to Try


Healthcare is a giant industry: Back in 2014, national expenditures rose to roughly $3 trillion, or just north of $9,500 per person. That’s 17.5% of that years’ GDP!

While there’s no arguing how big healthcare is in our society, the question is “how can you up your healthcare marketing to get your slice of the market?”

Thankfully, there are many ways in which you can boost your healthcare marketing.

Here are 8 ideas you should try out.

1. Quality Content

Make sure your content is relevant, important to your audience, and worth their time to read.

Either entrust somebody else to write compelling, rich content for your blog or site, or do it yourself. But, be warned: in order to give your customers the content they want, it takes time to create the material. There’s a lot of research that goes into creating personas, keywords, etc.

So, be careful you aren’t posting simply to post.

2. Add Images to Enrich Your Site

Every piece of content you publish should have an image. I repeat: everything should have an image. All pages, all posts, all pop-ups should have something stimulating to the human eye. People respond to images, which is one reason why you see so many infographics and videos from companies these days.

Find reputable image sites where you don’t have to credit the photographer or site. Avoid watermarked pics and choose images relevant to the content you’re putting out. That means healthcare-related visuals. There are many free image sites online. Here are a few of our favorites:

3. Input Videos to Create Engagement

Healthcare information is oftentimes confusing. Implementing videos into your steady stream of content is smart because then someone – doctor, healthcare professional, etc. – can explain concepts and rules to your audience with a more credible voice.

Again, make sure you cite your sources and choose vital pieces to post on your site. Your audience is there for a reason, so give them the content they deserve so that you both benefit. If you are stuck for ideas on what type of video content to produce, survey your patients.

4. Be a One-Stop Shop

Include anything and everything health. Your healthcare marketing will do best if you market yourself as an end-all, be-all place for people with healthcare questions. Remember, you want to give people a good reason to bookmark your site and revisit.

Motivational workout images, nutritious recipes, and the latest health studies are some of the things you should think about putting on your webpage. Your content doesn’t need to be merely about disease or sickness related topics.

5. Implement Social Media

Decide on a single social media platform and post daily. For healthcare, places like Facebook and Twitter are probably your best mediums because of the average profile of people on these platforms.

Keep them up-to-date, engage in conversation, and always link back to resources on your site. Social media is a great channel to create awareness for your practice.

Marketing on social media is a necessity. If you aren’t doing it, get on it.

6. Stay in Your Customer’s Mind with Email

A great way to market your products or services to people is through an email newsletter of some kind. If you have the bandwidth and resources, send one out every few days or so. If not, once or twice a month will work well, to continuously stay on your potential customer’s mind. Give them quality information so they can validate opting into the emails, then show them how your services can benefit them even further. If you have an active blog, you may just want to email updates about recent posts.

If you don’t want to do this yourself, outsource it to somebody with email and copywriting experience.

7. Update Your Audience with Breaking News

A great trick to provide quality content and social media is by posting current healthcare news. Always in a constant state of change, the healthcare industry needs sites that remain relevant to the newest information.

You must be this news source. Report on recent studies, share data other sites have discovered, and keep the conversation going. Eventually, people will come to you as the thought leader in the healthcare niche.

8. Align with Health & Wellness Brands

Assimilating with trusted companies in the health and wellness sectors is critical for your healthcare marketing success. Sharing content from brands like CrossFit,, and others give you credibility and let your customers know you aren’t just in it for the money — you’re here for the wellbeing of your audience.

Plus, sharing content and giving credit to these brands gives you even more quality content to be used across multiple platforms.

Improve Your Healthcare Marketing

Marketing is important for all businesses, even those in the healthcare industry. Give one or more of these tips a try and see how much your marketing efforts make a difference in your online presence.

For a full guide on how to succeed with a healthcare marketing strategy, check out our comprehensive article!

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