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We build beautiful, optimized, responsive websites that are designed to attract targeted visitors, educate them and get them to take action.
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Attract & Convert More Leads with Your Website

Your website is your real estate online and is one of the most effective ways to expose your brand to a large audience. A beautiful website isn’t enough though. Your website needs to be optimized so that people can find you via search. It also needs to be able to convert visitors into leads.

Let us build or update your site so that it can provide a return on your investment.
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Your Website Needs to Perform

Just having a nice looking site isn’t enough. Your site needs to include the right elements to convert visitors into leads. Here are some of the features we include in our websites:

  • On-page SEO
  • Calls to Action (CTAs)
  • Forms
  • Plugins to improve site effectiveness, security and performance (WordPress)
  • and more…
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Our Design Process

Define goals
Plan a Strategy
Design & Develop
Launch & MaintENANCE

Creative Brief

We'll work with you to form a creative brief that outlines your web design project. For example:
  • What are you trying to accomplish with your website? (i.e. call your office, purchase a product or service, schedule an appointment)
  • What is the key message you want the site to convey?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What solution are you providing for their problem?
  • What sort of language/vibe do you feel best represents the ‘voice’ you want to convey: casual, chatty, formal, authoritative, friendly, humorous, serious, other?
  • Color scheme
  • What is your unique selling proposition?

Strategic Planning

Proper planning is crucial to the success of building a website. The three main areas we focus on are:

  1. Technology Stack
    • Plugins needed
    • Integrations
    • Forms
  2. Sitemap/Wireframe
    • We'll create a sitemap based on your needs with a defined purpose for each page
    • We'll create either mockup pages or a wireframe for your review and approval before the development begins
  3. Content Strategy
    • Without good content, a website is useless. Content is the reason people click to visit your site. 
    • SEO-focused content - A well-planned content strategy will boost a site's visibility in the search engine rankings and get people to visit your site.

Designing & Developing Your Site

The goal in this phase is to stay on brand, while building a site that is aesthetically pleasing and focuses on the client's goals.
We'll also perform all of the on-page SEO during this phase, including meta descriptions with CTAs, properly sized and compressed images, and the schema markup language. 

Test, Test, Test

Testing of the website is critical during the entire website design and development process. We'll test a number of different items, including functionality, usability, interface, compatibility, performance and security.

Go Live Time!

When the site meets the client's satisfaction, we'll move the site from our servers to the client's hosting company and then perform more test, to make sure everything works as intended.
Once a site is live and handed off the the client, the upkeep and testing should continue. We offer a couple of different plans via our site to make sure sites are updated regularly, secure and perform at an optimum level. Click here to learn more.
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