7 Medical Spa Marketing Ideas You May Not Know About

by Kurt Lohmann

While a trip to the spa is relaxing, marketing your medical spa is anything but. Have you tried everything to get eyes on your business? Do you feel like you have been throwing money down the drain and aren't seeing good results?

Here are seven medical spa marketing tips that may have flown under your radar.

1. Identify Your Core Audience

So many businesses are so eager to launch their marketing campaigns that they forget the most important step, identifying their core audience. Finding your audience is absolutely necessary, as it saves you money and helps you better target your advertising.

In truth, your advertising efforts may be pretty solid already. But if you're casting your net too wide (or too narrow) you're going to spend money on campaigns that won't necessarily generate into leads.

Establish a detailed demographic for your target customer and start advertising toward them. This detail demographic is often referred to as a buyer persona. Download a template and put some good thought into filling it out. Otherwise, you may be targeting the wrong people.

2. Focus On Inbound Marketing

If you're a regular reader of this site, you may recall a recent article where we discussed the significance of inbound marketing. If you need a quick refresher, take a look.

Remember, the right inbound marketing strategy is a multi-pronged, content-driven effort. Each business is different, so make sure customize your inbound strategy for your business.

3. Run Promotions And Contests Via Social Media

Who doesn't love saving money? And with over 3 1/2 billion people on social media, maximizing your social performance should be a priority.

Set up a Facebook Ads campaign to advertise your medical spa. Then, to drum up even more excitement, offer your customers a little incentive to 'Like' or visit your business.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Put yourself in your customers' shoes as you craft your campaign. If you were coming to a medical spa, what types of perks would you want?

4. Claim Your Business Listings

A great web presence is so important. Part of that presence involves making sure your customers know how to find and contact you.

So make sure that your listings are live, accurate, and up to date. If there's a popular site that offers listings, you need to make sure you're on it.

At a minimum, every local business should set up and optimize a Google My Business account, as well as a Bing Places account. Since the big search engines own these sites/services, it makes sense that you should be listing on them.

5. Create Emotion-Driven Content

If you read our guide to inbound marketing, you may recall our discussion on the importance of blogging and content creation. Not all blogs are created equal, though.

The best types of spa advertising content are those that tell a narrative.

Perhaps you could recount an injury of your own and detail how services similar to yours helped you recover. Or, with permission, write about a few of your favorite patients and their experience with your spa.

Include patient testimonials on your website and other content and use photos, if possible.

The more emotional and relatable your content, the better it'll perform.

6. Partner With Other Local Businesses

As a small business owner, it can seem like the world is your competition. But that's not necessarily the case.

In fact, partnering with a non-competing business could get positive results for both companies.

Consider teaming up with local medical facilities, sports teams, or gyms.

7. Seek Customer Reviews

New clients want to learn about your business before they make a purchasing decision. The more customer reviews your spa has, the more trustworthy they'll see your brand.

Don't forget to respond to customers who write reviews to help build your brand. Also, you can try offering a perk to get more people to review your spa.

Try These Medical Spa Marketing Ideas Today

Of course, not every spa has the time or resources needed to facilitate growth through marketing. If you could use some medical spa marketing help, be sure to get in touch.

Your customers aren't the only ones who deserve to be pampered. Let us rejuvenate your brand by coming up with the perfect marketing strategy for you!

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