How a Med Spa Can Develop A Content Marketing Plan


The med spa market is growing, and by 2025, it’s expected to reach $27.5 billion.

For those in the market, that’s a big opportunity, but you also need to know how to take advantage of it. Instead of spending your time reaching out to prospective customers, this is a good time to shift to an inbound marketing approach.

Here’s what you need to know to start a content plan that gets results. 

Identify Your Goals

The first step in content planning is to define your goals. Identify which results you want to achieve:

  • Bring more traffic to your site
  • Get more leads
  • Improve your conversion rate
  • Generate more revenue
  • Build brand awareness

Understanding the “why” of your content strategy will help you produce the right content.

Create Buyer Personas

The next key part of your digital content strategy is to create personas for your buyers.

This starts by researching your audience. Which people are most interested in med spa treatments? What are their needs and wants that you can address?

Start by looking at your current customers and identifying those who represent your ideal consumer. Consider what they have in common and then build on that to create your persona.

Include as many details as possible about your prospects. This starts with demographics, but it should go deeper, into their life goals and values. When you know all this, you’ll be able to create content that shows how you can help them get past their pain points and achieve those goals.

Produce Content for Ideal Prospects

Once you know who your audience is, you can focus on content development.

Think about what kind of content you want to provide for your med spa. Content marketing blogs are often a good approach, but you can also consider:

  • Case studies
  • Explainer videos
  • Infographics
  • Social media

For each piece of content, use your buyer persona to focus on your targeted audience. You might think you should reach out to as many people as possible, but for inbound marketing to be effective, you only want to attract your ideal customers.

You also want to use content to establish your authority. Show what an expert you are and why your prospects should trust you. This is important in any industry, but especially with ones like medical spas where people are putting their appearance in your hands.

Another key is producing content regularly. You can’t write a blog post or two, or create one video, and expect to be done. The best approach is to create a content calendar to keep a consistent publishing schedule.

Review Results and Update

You also want to find out if your efforts are working, or if you need to make some tweaks.

You can use tools like Google Analytics to collect and report on the results so you can review conversion rates, website traffic, and more. If you’re not meeting your goals, look at the information and see how you can update your approach as you move forward.

You can also consider working with a content strategy agency if this feels like too much to include in your daily business.

Ongoing Content Plan

Having a consistent and ongoing content plan can help your business in many ways. You’ll show prospects your authority and give them information about how you can help them. The best part is that instead of chasing after new customers, they’ll come to you.

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