5 Effective Inbound Marketing Tips for Med Spas


Is your med spa struggling to attract consistent customers?

The answer may have something to do with your marketing plan. If you aren’t implementing some serious inbound marketing, now is the time.

Inbound marketing brings med spa customers to you. The best part about it? It doesn’t involve any cold calls or standard sales pitches!

You don’t want to miss the med spa inbound marketing tips in this post. Keep reading to start nurturing those strong leads!

1. Claim Local Listings

Every med spa is anchored in a local community of some kind. No matter your niche, it’s vital to list your spa in online directories and review platforms.

Begin by claiming your Google listing. This will enable key details about your med spa, including hours and contact information, to surface in search results. Google listings also locate local businesses on Google Maps and enable reviews.

Prospective med spa clients also refer to platforms like Yelp to scope out customer reviews. Listing your med spa here can expand your online presence and leverage the power of online reviews.

2. Run Social Media Promotions

2.77 billion people use social media. Harness the potential of this massive market by running social media promotions for your med spa.

Instagram is an ideal platform for med spas, as it enables med spa owners to post compelling visual content, including video. Set up a business profile and entice med spa clients with seasonal contests and promotions.

For example, request followers to “enter” a contest by liking and sharing a specific post. This both expands your brand reach and drums up interest in your med spa services.

Stay active on social media by regularly commenting and sharing content. Enable messaging so that customers can reach out to you directly with questions.

3. Implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

91% of online adults rely on search engines like Google to find information.

And let’s not forget the fact that Google processes about 40,000 searches every single second!

Take advantage of these statistics by launching a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign. SEO involves optimizing your online content for searches your med spa clients are likely to perform, such as “med spas in Atlanta” or “plastic surgeons near me.”

A strong SEO campaign can help your content surface more prominently in search results, boosting your visibility. Take it even further by implementing Google AdWords, a form of Pay-Per-Click advertising that uses SEO principles.

4. Blog

Med spas offer more than relaxation. They are often a critical component of a client’s healthcare routine.

For this reason, med spa clients want to visit spas they can trust. They crave expertise!

Prove this expertise by creating a blog on your website. Blogs give you material for SEO purposes, but they also give you a chance to answer common client questions. Post weekly, if possible, and share your articles on social media and through email campaigns.

5. Establish Partnerships

This is one of the most vital inbound marketing tips out there!

Cultivate a powerful local reputation by partnering with other healthcare companies. This doesn’t have to be formal. You can, for example, co-sponsor a local event with an acupuncturist clinic.

Or you can “partner” with other community members on social media by hosting guest blogs or mutual promotions.

Inbound Marketing Tips for Med Spas

These inbound marketing tips are designed to bring you strong leads in a short amount of time.

The one thing you do need before you can implement these tips, however, is a powerful website. Find out why in this post!

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