4 Essential Automated Email Tips for Med Spa Brand Marketers


There are about 4,200 med spas operating in the US. And that number is only expected to grow.

How does your brand stand out from the crowd?

Automated email marketing is a great way to reach customers. But your emails must stand out if you plan to get noticed.

Check out these 4 essential automated email marketing tips for med spa marketers.

1. It’s All About Timing

Run tests to see when your customers respond best to emails. Every brand is different, so it’s important to try different things. What works for one spa, might not work for yours.

For example, customers who expressed interest in Botox may open emails more in the morning. And you might find that customers who prefer facials and spa treatments open them more at night. Experiment and see what works best.

Keep track of your results with a tracking system. This helps you segment your email list better. And gives you more data to work with for future campaigns.

2. Make Sure to Ask for Action

Every email you send should contain a clear call to action (CTA). If you don’t ask them to do something, you’ve essentially wasted the email.

Make the CTA short and avoid anything confusing. Use buzz words like “click here”, “buy now”, or “order online”. Use the CTA near the beginning of the email and again at the end.

Also, mention the benefits of the CTA. Give them a solid reason that they need to take action now.

3. Solicit Feedback

In today’s email marketing world, customization is critical. Med spa customers want emails highlighting the services they consider important. To do this effectively, ask for feedback.

Do this as soon as they sign up for your email list. The sooner you customize, the better.

Customer feedback also helps you segment your customer list. Do they want to know more about pricing and special spa deals? Or are they more interested in new treatment options?

Segmenting your email list gives you more opportunity to reach them with content that they find useful. And it lets you do more testing to find the right timing and content.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Leave Subscribers Behind

They say that quality is better than quantity. So it’s a good idea to weed out your email list from time to time.

The more emails you send, the more it’s going to cost you over time. So make sure your list is filled with good prospects. You want people who actively participate by reading emails and visiting the website.

Make it easy for customers to opt-out. If they don’t want to be there, it’s not worth your time.

And send periodic emails checking in to see if they still want to be on the list. If they don’t answer after a couple of these emails, you can safely remove them.

Automated Email Tips for Successful Marketing

Email is an essential part of a good marketing strategy. But you want those emails to be productive. Sending an automated email to an inactive customer doesn’t benefit anyone.

Test out the timing of your emails and track the results. Ask for feedback from your customers and don’t be afraid to say goodbye to them if they aren’t interested in your services. And choose the software that best fits your needs.

Looking for more marketing tips to promote your med spa? Check out these 5 essential rules for marketing in the health and wellness industry.

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