How to Develop a Successful Lead Nurturing Strategy for Your Med Spa Business


For many med spas, getting leads is not the problem. There are many ways to get ‘leads’ online. The challenge is converting those leads into paying customers.

One of the reasons why many med spas don’t convert a lot of their site visitors (leads) is that they don’t have a lead nurturing strategy put in place.

Would you like to know more about creating a lead nurturing strategy for your med spa? Keep reading to find out how to turn leads into paying customers.

What Does it Mean to Nurture Leads?

If you’re unfamiliar with nurturing leads or lead nurturing, it’s a process or automated sequence where you connect regularly with your business leads and turn them into customers. Many people many not be ready to purchase your services right not, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t at some point in the future. If you ‘nurture’ them and maintain a top of mind awareness, you’re more likely to get them as a customer when they are ready to purchase.

Here’s an example. Someone visits your site and signs up to your email list. That means that they’re interested in learning more about your business and different med spa treatments.

That can be considered a lead. If you have a process in place to follow up with them regularly, informing them of specials or new treatments you offer, you may be able to convert them into a customer. When you nurture that lead, you’re working them through the funnel to become a customer. Sending out an email every now and then usually isn’t enough. There needs to be a long-term strategy in place.

As stated earlier, the reason why lead nurturing is so important is because not everyone is going to be ready to buy right now. In fact, about 98% of people aren’t ready to buy now. Your job is to earn their trust so that they come to your med spa when they are ready to buy.

Know What Your Audience Wants

Your lead strategy begins with knowing your audience. You need to understand what their motivations are behind getting a med spa treatment. You also want to know the demographic information, such as age, gender, income, and where they live.

There are many ways to collect this kind of information and it can be collected via your nurturing campaigns. Surveys, special offers and downloadables are a few.

Paying attention to what your audience wants will also help you develop an effective lead nurturing strategy.

Map Out Your Process

A lead nurturing strategy is really a process that you can map out on a whiteboard. You can start by figuring out the centralized place for your leads to go. In many cases, that will be a landing page on your website.

You’ll then map out how you’re going to generate traffic to your landing page. That can be through a variety of means, such as SEO, social media, or paid advertising.

Now comes the meat of the lead nurturing strategy. Why would someone sign up to your list and become a lead? You may decide to offer a coupon or an ebook about the benefits of CoolSculpting.

You want to have something that’s unique and compelling that offers a lot of value to potential customers.

Once they sign up to your list, you want to map out your automated email marketing campaign. You can design it so you reach out to your leads, offering a lot of value every few days for 2-3 weeks. You want to position your staff as experts in the field and establish trust.

After that initial sequence stops, you want to make sure you communicate with your list at least twice a month. Updates with blog articles are great to use for follow up communication.

Lead Nurturing Strategies for Your Med Spa

One of the biggest challenges for med spas is to convert leads into customers. One of the reasons why is because they don’t have a lead nurturing strategy. Implementing a good lead nurturing strategy can help transform your business over time.

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