5 Essential Rules for Health and Wellness Industry Marketing


If you’ve never heard of snail slime face masks, donkey milk, or rage yoga, I’m sorry to break it to you, but your finger is not on the pulse of health and wellness marketing.

With over $4.2 trillion floating around in this industry, it pays to do some deep diving research. But discovering what your company can contribute to the rapidly expanding health and wellness industry is only the first step.

Once you know what the people want, you have to convince them that they want to buy it from you.

Here are five crucial things to remember when building your health and wellness marketing campaign. 

1. Create an Authentic Experience

In a world full of click-bait and fake news, your customers are looking for something real. Successful wellness marketing takes a look at real people and creates a genuine message with meaningful visuals for them. Not the idealized Barbies and Kens of the world living on fantasy island. 

Just take a look at the Gillette Superbowl commercial. It tackles a real issue that real people face every day. 

2. Connect with Your Clients

In addition to creating something authentic, you’ll want to create something worth connecting to. This means your health and wellness marketing stirs up some kind of emotion. 

Nostalgia, motivation, happiness and excitement, even a little desire. If your marketing content makes people feel something positive, they’re more likely to become attached to your brand.

3. Optimize Content for Mobile Devices

The average person spends about five hours a day looking at their smartphone. It’s safe to assume that the younger your target audience is, the higher that stat becomes. 

So, optimize your website and emails for those five and a half inch screens. If you want 70% of web traffic they produce to come your way, this is a no-brainer. 

4. Dedicate Attention to Social Media

The health and wellness industry heavily relies on social media to captivate its ever-scrolling, social comparison-prone audience.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are perfect platforms to not only spread the word about your company but engage clients with the type of media they want most: video. 

Dedicate some time to creating consumable, eye-catching, and informational video content for social media. 

5. Personalize Push Notifications

Nothing makes a millennial blacklist a company faster than junky, irrelevant spam. Don’t waste everyone’s time sending emails your recipients have no potential interest in.

Take the time to segment your audience and only send each group relevant information, products, and services they are likely to act on. A bit of prep work will save you (and earn you) money in the long run. 

Dominate the Health and Wellness Industry

Implementing these tips in a creative and genuine way is 50% of the battle. Content is king and all, but this isn’t Game of Thrones. Just because you generate some good content doesn’t guarantee anyone will see it. 

That’s where Engaged Digital comes it. Our site traffic improvement plans take a serious look at your website and provide solutions specific to your company and industry. Build an arsenal of traffic pulling web pages and dominate the health and wellness industry.

Want to learn more? Contact us today and we’ll schedule a call to evaluate your overall digital experience.

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