How to Generate Leads to Med Spa Websites: 5 Sure-Fire Strategies That Really Work


What good is a website if you’re not attracting visitors? Better yet, what good is the site if it’s not generating sales? This is the unfortunate reality after weeks (sometimes months) of website development. You launch and soon realize there’s more to it than having a fancy website for your med spa business. What you need to do is learn how to generate leads. Lead generation is what we’re focusing on, so get ready to take notes. These are tactics you’ll use to get people to the site and have them booking appointments.

1. Share the URL Everywhere You Can

It sounds like a no-brainer, but make it a point to share your site’s URL. Don’t feel shy about your promotion — it’s your business, after all. Share it in places like: If you can attach or paste in the URL, then do it. It’s free advertising!

2. Blog and Build Organic/Social Traffic

You should set up a /blog/ or a /news/ section on your med spa website. This will be where you’ll publish interesting, informative pieces about your industry. Why blog? Two big reasons:
  • It helps make you an expert
  • You’ll improve traffic generation
People want to know you’re a trustworthy operation when landing on your site. Sharing your expertise on your industry’s topics is a great way to convey this. In creating content: You’ll give Google a reason to add your site and its pages into search results. A well-optimized blog post will begin appearing for search terms around its topic. The content then helps convince and convert visitors into customers. Try blogging about common questions you get. Talk about medical procedures. Think of what you’d want to know about and start creating! Or, hand off some of the content marketing to an agency or freelancers.

3. Get Active on Social Media Channels

We’ve touched on doing a social media campaign. Here’s what else you could try:
  • Livestream events or Q&A sessions
  • Team up and cross-promote services
  • Syndicate content to reach more channels
  • Run a contest/giveaway to attract attention
Have a strategy behind everything you do on social media. But, also have fun with it so you’re authentic with your interactions. You’ll soon “figure out” what works for your business after finding your voice.

4. Run Online Advertising Campaigns

Try advertising with:
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Banner ads
Advertising is a beast of an endeavor but very rewarding. Each platform offers extensive training for beginners, so start there. Then, A/B test ad variants until you’re seeing the metrics you want from the campaigns. Advertising cuts through the noise because you’re not competing with everyone. You’re also only targeting those you want, refining the lead selection. Master all this and you may find ads are your primary lead gen investment!

5. Run a Referral Program

Referrals are among the easiest ways to get quality leads. Try it like this:
  1. Install a refer-a-friend plugin on your site
  2. Configure the program, resources, and structure
  3. Recruit users and encourage their participation
You’ll turn passionate followers into salespeople overnight! They’ll go out there sharing your site on social media. They may build lead funnels of their own with their website or advertising campaigns!

How to Generate Leads Online (All the Time)

In this post, you’ve learned five ways to generate leads to your med spa site. Now: The real challenge is getting leads without slumps. Consistent lead generation happens as you double-down on what works. You also see it happen when handing off aspects to the professionals. This lets you maximize what works on your end, and lets them fill the gaps. Let us be the solution when your lead generation slumps. Let us help you create a plan that’ll deliver consistent leads. Call us or explore our top-rated services to increase website traffic, today.

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