The Insider’s Guide to Why SEO Matters


Looking for a way to transform your website, company, and profit margins?

It may sound like a dream, but it isn’t. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is your answer to changing the game on your digital presence and staying competitive in the industry.

The good news is, you don’t have to get a degree in marketing to understand SEO or even to implement it. Businesses of all sizes are upping their SEO game and seeing immediate payoffs.

Read on to learn why SEO matters now in your digital strategy.

1. SEO Gives You Organic Traffic

This is the number one reason for why SEO matters today. When you optimize your website for search engines, you give your website the chance to rank highly in searches.

The higher your website appears on search results lists, the more likely you are to get clicks from interested users. This is organic traffic.

The best thing about organic traffic is that it is free! You need to put some time and effort in, but over time, the ROI is really good.  Organic traffic is a great channel for leads and conversions, as they find you due to searching for products or services your business offers.

2. Get Your Brand Noticed

As a business owner, you are likely seeking ways to get your brand noticed. SEO will let your website soar to the top of search results so that your brand can easily be recognized by a wide variety of users.

The more highly and consistently your website ranks, the greater the odds of your brand image sticking in the minds of consumers–and staying there. Top of mind awareness is something you should be striving for.

3. Increase Conversions

Because SEO gives you organic traffic and ‘free’ marketing, it is also a fantastic tool for increasing conversions. More leads mean more potential for conversions. The mere fact that people found your site because of a search increases the chance of a conversion.

Businesses are also able to rank highly because they are “trusted” by search engines. This means that they comply with SEO guidelines, have good, solid backlinks, contain quality content and are generally more credible.

4. Organize Your Website and Impress Users

For SEO to work effectively, you have to structure your website around certain keywords and subjects. This leads to carefully curated and fresh content.

Because of Google’s SEO guidelines, websites that use SEO professionally will have organized and distinct pages. This can lead to a more positive user experience overall.

5. Broaden Online Reach

Because so many consumers are comfortable relying on search engines to buy products, query information, and find jobs, you’ll be able to expand your audience from local to global with SEO.

The higher your ranking on a search results page (SERP) due to your SEO efforts, the more likely you are to appear on the radar of companies and searchers from across the globe.

The greater your online reach, the greater your potential to gain more conversions.

6. Maximize Social Media Efforts

Social media in and of itself can lead to increased sales for your business, with the right strategy in mind.

SEO can contribute to your social media presence. Sometimes users will be searching for recent rather than dated content. Social media posts will surface as fresh content that works collaboratively with Search Engine Optimization.

Why SEO Matters

Search Engine Optimization is becoming the leader in inbound and digital marketing. If you’re wondering why SEO matters, take a look at what it can do for your business.

SEO matters because it keeps your business competitive and enables you to get more (free) organic traffic to your website. It organizes your site effectively, increases conversion rates, and reaches more audiences.

All of this can lead to greater profit margins, a larger customer base, and an elevated brand image.

At Engaged Digital, we believe in the power of SEO. Let us help you today with your SEO so that you can take advantage of its amazing benefits, stay competitive as a company, and grow your business.

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