Med Spa Marketing: 10 Ways to Bring in More Business For the Holidays

by Kurt Lohmann

According to the American Med Spa Association, marketing strategy is one of the top 3 concerns among med spa owners in 2019. And considering med spas are more popular than ever with younger patients, that's no wonder. 

The holidays are coming up, which means your patients have more time to get in their bi-annual appointment. Your marketing plan needs to be prepared to take advantage of this uptick in potential business. That's why we're presenting you with this guide to the top 10 med spa marketing tactics for the holiday season. 

Ready to find new leads and turn them into lifelong fans of your med spa? Let's get started with our top tip: starting a holiday ad campaign. 

1. Run a Holiday Ad Campaign

During the holidays, people spend more time online. From shopping for gifts to corresponding with loved ones through social media, thousands of potential patients are just waiting for you to snag their attention. 

Choose PPC or banner ads to attract new, cold leads. And don't forget about retargeting ads for people who've visited your site or clicked on one of your ads in the past. 

Since people tend to spend more money around the holidays, you may benefit from offering a holiday discount. This will remind your current patients why they love you so much and incentivize new patients who haven't heard of your brand before. 

2. Revamp Your Brand Message

Branding is vital if you want to differentiate your med spa from competitors in the area. And never is this more apparent than during the holidays when your competition is boosting their marketing efforts, too.

Your brand message should shine through everything you do. From your digital ads to the way patients are greeted when they walk into your med spa, make sure your professionalism and excellence are on full display.

3. Boost Your Website Design

In today's digital age, your med spa website is your #1 marketing tool. That's because you aren't a retail store people can stop by and browse through. Instead of window shopping, potential patients will look you up online before heading to your med spa.

Part of this is making sure your website design is clean, professional, and invites people in. Make sure your layout is up to date with modern styles.

Another way to boost the efficacy of your website design is to update your local SEO86% of people unknowingly rely on local SEO to help them find businesses in their area and your med spa is no exception. Make sure prospective patients can find you to avoid losing business. 

4. Create New Landing Pages

Landing pages are how you convert prospective leads into genuine patients. They might include (but aren't limited to):

During the holiday season, your landing page could be themed. Or it could offer a discount in exchange for a lead's contact information. 

5. Send Holiday-themed Emails

Speaking of offering discounts in exchange for contact information, some leads need to be nurtured for longer. The best way to do this is to use marketing emails. These are even more fun during the holidays since you can send out festive newsletters. 

6. Churn Out New Educational Content

Your website may be your #1 marketing tool but your site is nothing without your blog. That's because your blog is the way you educate potential patients about what your med spa can do for them. 

Med spas are part of a rapidly growing industry, which means many leads may not understand your services. Educate your patients about the different services you offer and the benefits of each. Explain who needs med spa services and what sets a med spa apart from other medical experts. 

What's more, blogging brings potential patients to you. That's because you don't have to pay for a content strategy as you do for ads. 

7. Engage New Leads on Social Media 

If you're searching for new ways to find leads for your med spa this holiday season, what better place to find them than on social media. After all, 77% of people say they prefer to buy from brands they follow on social media than one they don't follow. 

Social media marketing doesn't just attract new leads, though. Your social media presence can help you interact with that patient you haven't seen in a few months or chat with that med spa influencer you'd like to represent your brand. 

8. Revisit Your Offline Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing should be your main focus when it comes to your marketing strategy. From print to billboards to TV and radio ads, there are multitudinous ways to advertise offline. And this is an excellent way to target patients typically outside of your usual demographic.

Most business marketers are using a multi-channel strategy these days and your med spa shouldn't be any different.

Mix up your offline marketing plan with a few non-traditional uses of traditional media. For example, you could use a print ad with visuals to show prospective leads before and after images of your clients. 

9. Campaign for Patient Reviews

It's the season of giving, which means your patients are more likely to leave you a requested review. A few ways you could request a review are:

Reviews are important to consider in your marketing campaign because potential patients rely on social proof. If your med spa has an influx of positive reviews this holiday season, your lobby will be packed in no time. 

10. Host a Holiday Event

The last but certainly not least tip for marketing your med spa this season is to host a holiday event. Open it up to the public to attract new patients. And after a night or afternoon of festive fun, your brand's name will be stuck in potential patients' heads for weeks to come. 

Med Spa Marketing for the Holidays

Are you looking for help with your holiday med spa marketing campaign? Engaged Digital is the professional services company you've been searching for. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you attract more business this holiday season. 

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