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It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Google Universal Analytics


It is strongly recommended for all users to switch over to utilizing Google Analytics 4 as the go-to version of GA.

In 2020, Google released their next generation of Google Analytics, which is referred to as GA4. 

Recently, Google declared that Universal Analytics will halt accepting new data on July 1st, 2023.

Let that sink in for a minute…If your business fails to put GA4 in full use before the specified date, you will be unable to gain insight from website data.

By the summer of 2023, it will be essential for all businesses to transition entirely to Google Analytics 4. 

If you run a business and have a website (like most businesses!), then this is a crucial transformation that you must make immediately.

Start collecting data on GA4 as soon as possible – that way, you can make the transition simpler and obtain a better understanding of this platform, while still relying on GA3 to run your business.

What motivated Google to make this transition?

As we all know, Google, Facebook (and now Meta), are some of the largest platforms out there in terms of digital advertising. These platforms have had a history of invading personal privacy and using any available methods to increase their profits – until recently that is. Thanks to new legislation and laws surrounding data protection, this practice has changed dramatically for the betterment of everyone involved!

Consumers now regard these data collection practices as unethical, and some of them are even illegal.

Recently, the use of personal data has seen an influx in regulation due to new laws like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) enforced within Europe and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) adopted by the United States. Additionally, Apple’s changes to iOS 14.4 prevent user tracking across third party apps. This collective trend towards tighter regulations demonstrates a shift towards greater protection for individuals’ data privacy rights.

Google is striving to ensure their products and services are more privacy-conscious, but the current incarnation of GA has certain limitations in this domain. Consequently, Google recently elected to retire GA3 and introduce its successor: GA4 – a platform that prioritizes user privacy above all else.

GA4 employs Machine Learning that is designed to anticipate future customer conduct, which will give you a better understanding of your customers. Not only this, but GA4 also offers customer-oriented metrics that help you optimize customer lifecycles and personalize Google Ads more accurately than ever before! Additionally, there’s less reliance on Cookies with the new features in GA4.

With GA4, you can say goodbye to pesky cookie consent popups! The transition process has been designed with your convenience in mind – if you make the switch now instead of waiting until it’s too late, then not only will you have a more pleasant user experience but also access to predictive data and reporting which will open up new opportunities for understanding your online business.

If you have taken the time and effort to master Google Analytics 3, it is only natural that you would be hesitant about investing more energy in mastering GA4. It can seem like an overwhelming endeavor, but with a bit of persistence and focus, it won’t take long before you are reaping the benefits!

To ensure you always stay ahead of the competition, we have created an easy-to-follow implementation kit to assist your transition and help you unlock the advantages of GA4 quickly.


Google Analytics 4 Implementation Planner – A 91-page step-by-step guide including screenshots covering:

Step 1: Understand the Key Differences with GA4

Step 2: Setting Up and Installing GA4 on Your Website

Step 3: Finding Your Way Around the Settings in GA4

Step 4: Understanding the New Reports in GA4

Step 5: Getting a Grip on Events and Conversions

Step 6: Integration with Google Ads

Google Analytics 4 Implementation Cheat Sheet – A quick reference summary of the key points in the guide

Implementation Tool (An Excel Spreadsheet Checklist) – A step-by-step tool to ensure you complete all the steps correctly and quickly

It’s FREE and you can download all of these GA4 Resources by clicking the button below!

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