Hyper-Targeted Landing Pages to Boost Facebook Advertising

by Kurt Lohmann

Hyper-Targeted Landing Pages

With the sheer volume of content on social channels, it’s becoming harder and harder for brands to get noticed and build a market-share.

The good thing for small businesses is that social channels like Facebook allow you to advertise with small budgets. It’s a great way to increase your reach. More importantly, it allows you to specifically target audiences based on demographics, language, location and interest areas.

Once you start advertising you’ll notice which ads perform better than others. You’ll get better and better at achieving a better bang for your marketing buck.

You’ll achieve this by getting granular about your ad-targeting.

In other words, you’ll start Hyper-Targeting the audience segments.

Let’s take an example of a Home Mortgage Company. The pain points of a Mortgage seeker in a booming market like San Francisco will be different from the country-side Mortgage seeker in Ohio.

Similarly, a high-income business owner will have a different requirement than a young couple who are just starting out on their property ladder.

You need to have a different pitch for each of these audience segments. One pitch would emphasize the speed of delivery, while the other will focus on lower interest rates. One ad would promise personal attention while other would re-assure safety and security.

Continuing the example from above, here are a set of four ads differentiating their pitch according to the audience

We do the most Home Mortgages in San Francisco
Facebook Ads and Landing Pages
Looking for a Country-Side Home Mortgage?

Facebook Ads 1

We’re the best for Penthouse Mortgages

facebook landing pages

Home Mortgage? We keep your data private and safe


You can see how each of these headlines makes a unique pitch. Facebook makes it easy to create and deliver different ads to target different segments. So you should really make the most of it.

You want your ad to make an emotional connection with the reader. It’s hard to connect with everyone all of the time. But, by creating a differentiated message for each segment, you will be able to strike a chord with a larger set of people.

Now, assuming you’re getting more people to click on your ad, the next step is to convince them to engage with you. This could be signing up on your contact form, registering on your site or downloading your app/ resource.

Whatever the goal, the important thing is to ‘activate’ the visitor.

Continue the tailored approach by creating a set of hyper-targeted landing pages

Hyper-targeted landing pages are laser-focused on the audience segment. You can do this by using a Landing Page Builder and achieving the following 4 critical success factors:


1. Message Match

Each page needs to achieve a ‘message match’ with the ad. In other words, the text and context of the ad should carry forward to the landing page. If the audience does not find an obvious connect between your ad and the landing page, you’ll have a high drop-off rate.

To achieve this message match, you will need to have a landing page associated with each ad/ audience segment. You’ll need to make the process more efficient by creating re-usable base templates for your landing pages.

In the example above, you could use a different headline with a different hero-shot, but on the rest of the page, you can keep the information about the brand, the contact form, the features etc. the same for all pages.


2. Personalization

This is for advanced users.

Landing Pages builders now offer Dynamic Text Replacement. This feature lets you be clever about personalizing the experience of the visitor. Selected phrases of text can be changed based on URL parameters such as referral source. You can even insert the first name of a visitor using the merge-tags in Mailchimp.

Literally, you are able to create a market segment of 1! Talk about Hyper-Targeting.


3. Good UX

It’s mighty important for your landing page to be perfectly mobile-responsive. It should be fast-loading and have a layout that focuses on conversions.


4. Marketing Automation

Getting the visitor to sign-up on your site is just the beginning of the relationship. To build and nurture that relationship, you should definitely invest in an email autoresponder. This will help you automatically send out segment based, scheduled onboarding emails. This is critical for improving your activation rates.


So, to summarize, you can boost your FB ad performance by:

All the best with your campaigns!


Guest post by Vin Jawa

About the Author:

Vin Jawa is a serial entrepreneur, blogger and digital marketer. He’s the CEO of Sunny Landing Pages – an automated Landing Page Builder with a free tier for small businesses. He tweets at @vineetjawa and writes a weekly newsletter called JawaScript.

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