Capitalize on the MicroNeedling Trend: Get Macro Leads


The beauty world goes through trends the way most people go through napkins. As a medical spa, it can feel like a rat race trying to take advantage of those trends while they’re hot.

MicroNeedling is hot right now! The good news for microneedling is that this trend has stuck around for a while. The bad news is that no one can predict how long it will stay on your patients’ minds. So how do you capitalize on it while it’s around?

To make the most of your investment in microneedling equipment, try these tips.

Tips for Getting More MicroNeedling Patients

You’ve seen what microneedling can do for a patient’s appearance, so how do you help more patients enjoy those results? Start with these tips.

Have a MicroNeedling Page

The first thing someone does when they hear about a new treatment is to hit the internet. They want to know what it does, how it works, and whether it can help them look their best.

You want to be their resource. To optimize your site for search engines, you need high-quality content about microneedling. The best way to do that is with a dedicated page about microneedling on your website. Remember to focus the content on the patient.

Here’s a bonus tip: add before and after photos to this page too so patients can see the potential.

Talk Problems, Not Just the Solution

From a search engine optimization standpoint, you want to use the word “microneedling” throughout your site because people are interested in it. Don’t limit yourself to patients who already know about the treatment, though. You want people to be educated, so your spa is seen as an authority and a resource.

You also need to use keywords that describe the problems micro-needling patients are trying to solve. A patient might search for treatments for wrinkles, sagging skin, stretch marks, or scars without knowing that microneedling is an option. You want them to find you either way.

Educate Your Existing Patients

If you want to increase your numbers for micro-needling, don’t forget to look right in front of you. Instead of spending all your time marketing to new patients, tell your existing patients about the procedure. Selling to an existing patient who has been satisfied with your services is much easier than trying to find new patients.

As you’re chatting with patients, tell them about your new micro-needling option. It’s especially helpful for patients who are getting treatments that would get even better results with microneedling in the mix.

Don’t Forget the CTA

You can do as much search engine optimization and marketing as you want, but if you don’t have an easy way for patients to take action when they want the treatment, you won’t reap all the rewards.

On your micro-needling page, include a prominent call-to-action, or CTA. Make it easy for them to get in touch by offering a digital contact form or email address as well as a phone number. And, make your email address and phone number clickable for mobile. Many sites forget to do this and it makes a big difference for conversion rates.

Making the Most of MicroNeedling in Your Practice

You want the best for your medical spa and your patients alike. That’s why you’ve added innovative and effective treatments like micro-needling to your menu.

The tricky part is spreading the word to potential patients. The tips above can help you bring in those leads and make your venture into micro-needling a success.

For more hands-on help, contact our digital marketing experts.

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