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How Small Business Can Use A Big Business Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy for Small Business Whether you are a small business or a big corporation, there is a space for you on social media. It’s understandable as a new entrepreneur to be hesitant to implement a social media marketing strategy, particularly if you have a small team or a limited budget. However, there are […]

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5 Ways to Increase Sales with Social Media

Increase Sales with Social Media For some, social media may be for fame or more specifically infamy.  Some people are just getting on social media now.  There are businesses that turned to social media earlier than others and experienced greatly increased sales.  There are some that had been apprehensive to use social media for their business […]

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Social Media Marketing Funnel: How To Build One

Creating a social media marketing funnel is a major step get understanding the ROI of social media. Using social media throughout your marketing and sales process will enhance the overall experience for your leads and it will help improve your conversion rate. Everyone's business is a little different, so make sure you customize your funnel and add the right social media actions at the right stage of your buyer's journey.

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Social Media Success For Small Business: 3 Simple Tasks

Social Media Success for Small Business In today's business environment, small business success is likely to depend on social media success. Businesses need to develop and execute a social media strategy for long-term survival.  Using social media effectively allows small businesses to compete for their audience without spending a fortune.  They can, therefore, 'even the […]

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Hyper-Targeted Landing Pages to Boost Facebook Advertising

Hyper-Targeted Landing Pages With the sheer volume of content on social channels, it’s becoming harder and harder for brands to get noticed and build a market-share. The good thing for small businesses is that social channels like Facebook allow you to advertise with small budgets. It’s a great way to increase your reach. More importantly, […]

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Twitter Followers: How To Keep From Losing Them

It's no doubt that Twitter is a powerful B2B tool to connect with potential clients and there are many tactics to gain new Twitter followers.  However, to maintain steady growth for your account, there are a few things you need to pay close attention to. Before you attempt to grow your account, make sure your Twitter page is complete.  By […]

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Oversharing on Social Media? Business vs. Personal

Are you oversharing on social media sites for your business? For years parents have been warning their kids about oversharing and posting certain things on social media.  Once it's out there it is out there! The same should be taken into consideration when posting for your business.  We have seen politicians oversharing and caught with […]

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Benefits of Outsourcing your Social Media Management

Whether you are a startup or established business, there are many benefits to outsourcing your social media management.  By outsourcing specific tasks that take away your focus from mission critical objectives you will save time, money, effort and have superior results. Here are the top 5 Lower overall costs   What’s your time worth? Businesses require […]

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5 Ways To Get More Engagement On Social Media

If you are looking to grow your business online, the best way to go about that is to build engagement on social media networks.  Many businesses aren't taking advantage of the power of social media because they simply don't know how to use it properly.  Engagement is the key and there are many opportunities to […]

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