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How to Generate Leads to Med Spa Websites: 5 Sure-Fire Strategies That Really Work

What good is a website if you're not attracting visitors? Better yet, what good is the site if it's not generating sales? This is the unfortunate reality after weeks (sometimes months) of website development. You launch and soon realize there's more to it than having a fancy website for your med spa business. What you […]

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Gain Visibility! 5 Clever Digital Marketing Solutions to Promote Your Med Spa

What if you could sit back, unwind, and still attract customers to your soothing med spa? With smart digital marketing solutions, you can switch on strategic thinking to increase your spa's visibility. After all, 90 percent of searchers haven't made up their mind about a brand before searching online. With a digital marketing strategy, you can boost […]

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4 Social Media Campaign Ideas to Help Your Med Spa Gain Traction

It’s important to embrace social media marketing to extend the reach of your Med Spa. Technology keeps evolving today and your business has to align with the latest inbound marketing strategies. Getting creative with social media posts and making them relevant to your Med Spa helps build your brand awareness, drives web traffic and increases […]

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5 Graphic Design Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Banner Ads

Do you have a banner ad ready to promote your business? An eye-catching banner draws attention and attracts new customers to your spa. Making great banner ads is about finding the right balance of design and information. It needs to be simple enough to be clear, but with enough detail that it lets the viewer know what […]

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5 Effective Inbound Marketing Tips for Med Spas

Is your med spa struggling to attract consistent customers? The answer may have something to do with your marketing plan. If you aren't implementing some serious inbound marketing, now is the time. Inbound marketing brings med spa customers to you. The best part about it? It doesn't involve any cold calls or standard sales pitches! You don't want to […]

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4 Essential Automated Email Tips for Med Spa Brand Marketers

There are about 4,200 med spas operating in the US. And that number is only expected to grow. How does your brand stand out from the crowd? Automated email marketing is a great way to reach customers. But your emails must stand out if you plan to get noticed. Check out these 4 essential automated email marketing […]

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5 Excellent Beauty Marketing Strategies to Use in Your Next Campaign

The beauty industry has noticed a growing shift in what type of advertising works best in this new selfie-taking and social media using generation. In the United States, the beauty sector is estimated to reach a net worth of $90 billion by the end of 2020. Don't you think it's time to switch up your beauty marketing campaigns so […]

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How to Develop a Successful Lead Nurturing Strategy for Your Med Spa Business

For many med spas, getting leads is not the problem. There are many ways to get 'leads' online. The challenge is converting those leads into paying customers. One of the reasons why many med spas don't convert a lot of their site visitors (leads) is that they don’t have a lead nurturing strategy put in […]

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5 Essential Rules for Health and Wellness Industry Marketing

If you've never heard of snail slime face masks, donkey milk, or rage yoga, I'm sorry to break it to you, but your finger is not on the pulse of health and wellness marketing. With over $4.2 trillion floating around in this industry, it pays to do some deep diving research. But discovering what your […]

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Capitalize on the MicroNeedling Trend: Get Macro Leads

The beauty world goes through trends the way most people go through napkins. As a medical spa, it can feel like a rat race trying to take advantage of those trends while they're hot. MicroNeedling is hot right now! The good news for microneedling is that this trend has stuck around for a while. The […]

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