5 Graphic Design Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Banner Ads


Do you have a banner ad ready to promote your business? An eye-catching banner draws attention and attracts new customers to your spa.

Making great banner ads is about finding the right balance of design and information. It needs to be simple enough to be clear, but with enough detail that it lets the viewer know what it’s for.

Keep reading for 5 great tips that will help you make eye-catching banners.

Keep it Clean

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when designing banner ads is that they try and include too much information. If your ad is too cluttered, viewers will scroll right past it.

Instead, decide what you want to focus on and feature it. If you have different products or services you want to promote, you’re better off creating multiple banner ads then trying to fit it all in one.

Choose the Right Elements

Color and font choice are major factors in the effectiveness of banner ads. Going wrong with either one can sink a campaign before it starts.

Colors should pop out of the screen without being overwhelming. Using a color wheel can help you match complimentary colors when designing your banner.

The text needs to be clear and easy to read. It can be easy to get carried away with style but don’t sacrifice legibility for aesthetics. Adding a stroke or drop shadow is a great way to add definition to text.

Know Your Pitch

Your value proposition is going to be what catches customers’ eyes. Be very clear and specific about what it is that you’re offering.

You need to create a sense of urgency and excitement around your pitch to entice your audience to act. Including phrases like 2 for 1 or Limited Time Only are catchy and draw attention. Make these stand-out.

You’ll also want to make sure that your call to action is clear, as well. While it shouldn’t be the first thing people notice, they should come across it naturally as they take in the ad.

Include Your Logo

Making your logo a prominent aspect of the banner is a great way to build brand awareness. It’s also a simple yet effective graphic to anchor your design.

Make sure that your logo doesn’t overwhelm the space, though. Your value proposition is your hook, so that needs to be the number one priority. Including your logo is a great way to support the space behind your pitch.

Use Images Wisely

You can convey a lot with the right image, so using the right one can really make a difference. Whether they’re your own pictures or one’s sourced from image libraries, they can add a degree of professionalism.

They can also dominate the space, allowing your message to be lost. In those cases, a clean and simple banner that utilizes the right colors and text can be far more effective.

Final Thoughts on Banner Ads

Banner ads have become one of the most popular forms of online advertising. They’re a simple format that allows for creative ways to deliver your message.

Using the above 5 tips will allow you to craft engaging and attractive banners.

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